White wax wood staffs only grow in northern China.

White Wax Wood:
Each staff is one entire tree. That makes them more spiritual than a splinter out of a log.

Never wax or oil your White Wax Wood staff. The natural oils of the wood will create a varnish as you use your staff.

If you don't use your staff, they shrivel up and sometimes wrinkle. Weird.

Be a Buddha.
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Be on time for life.

shaolinINTERACTIVE.com is a licensed school of Shaolin Chi Mantis Traditional Buddhist Gongfu.

Shaolin Chi Mantis is the most difficult of all Kung Fu schools we know of. The belt test fees of Shaolin Chi Mantis have been $20 for all belt rank levels since 1992.

Tai Chi Youth, the nonprofit charity education organization, was launched March 3, 1996 with the same $20 belt test fee for all belt rank levels. During the 1990s, we were able to get our embroidered stripes on our sashes for only $2.00 each. Now, since relocating to California, we have to pay $5.00 per stripe on our Kung Fu and Tai Chi sashes.

Buddha Kung Fu was launched in 2008 with a unique belt rank system: no colored sashes -- just 10 blue stripes. A 10 stripe sash = $50.00 plus cost of the sash.

A belt test requires at least one hour, often much more. Plus, the system of all Shaolin Chi Mantis programs, is to have BELT TEST APPROVAL FORMS so that all students are properly prepared and qualified for their belt tests. The time spent on belt test approvals is another couple hours pers student. So, for up to 10 stripes, and three hours of belt testing...$50 is the Buddha Kung Fu belt test fee.

As a student of shaolinINTERACTIVE.com you are prepared and qualified for these above belt test approvals and belt tests. You are encouraged to seek these belt rank advancements as we make them available. You may even be able to help in the production of these videos. To participate, contact us...

SO: shaolinINTERACTIVE.com did not create its own new belt rank system. But we do provide PRIVATE LESSONS, and that would be the same as a BELT TEST APPROVAL. For a class-like Belt Test Examination: we have the GROUP LESSONS...

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Shaolin Interactive is licensed to teach Shaolin Chi Mantis curriculums.
These programs are taught sequentially with only some exceptions.
Be diligent to learn each lesson from the beginning to the end.
Be careful not to skip, miss, or bypass any lessons or classes.
I hope this online interactive school will be able to automatically
verify your previous courses and prevent students from learning
lessons they are not ready for.
For these same reasons, do not share your lessons with friends
and relatives.
All classes and lessons are AT YOUR OWN RISK.
I've been teaching this Kung Fu for over 25 years, so if you get hurt,
you've made a mistake or done something wrong. This is another
reason to get a private online lesson periodically. Physical limitations
can be diagnosed and workouts altered to accommodate you.

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