Dragon head Guan Dao of Buddha Zhen
Guan Dao / Kwan Do
of Buddha Zhen 1995 - 2008

Guan Dao:
This huge and heavy weapon was designed for horseback use.

The very famous, General Guan, o "Kwan," created this weapon for mowing down infantry from his armored horse.

My importer encouraged me to purchase this weapon because it is the symbol of most all the Southern Chinese Kung Fu styles.

My favorite long weapons are the Dragon Spear and Monk Spade...but I conceded. My school brother, Ru Zhing Shi "Reverend Steve Baugh," trained me on this weapon because he is also a Southern Style Kung Fu Black Belt.

I like the part where you throw it up into the air like a helicopter blade and catch it.

Be a Buddha.
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